Monday, March 12, 2012


P/s : I miss you M.A :') 


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hello PMR :)
Ya, its 8 months left. :) Wish me luck.
Lol, lupa pula Assalamualaikum bloggers!
Long time no see. Lol. :B hehe,

Hi, this just a handsome me :) I love myself. Hehe,

Hi superguy, this for you :')

There's a lot of boy out there. Billion, Thirilion and many more boys out there.
But the only boy that I'd choose was you Aiman Ashriq. You the only boy that understand me, my attitude, how the way I am. You maybe not so 'romantic' as the other boys, but only you can makes my hearts beating as fast as the thunder.

Yknow that I feel so comfortable when I'm with you, just like there's someone can take care of me besides my parents. Maybe we had and argue just like World War IIV but thats will not change my love towards you. You must know that my love for you will keep increase and increase.

There's a lot of girl out there too, but me the only one you'd choose :) I feel so grateful that Allah gave us a chance to get know each other on Twitter. If there's no Twitter, i might be sad whole of life because i can't know you.

Dear Aiman Ashriq, i believe that if i'm with you i'll be happy for the rest of my life. :)
Everythings happened had a reason. So i met you on Twitter also had a reason. I really get into you and super deeply in love with you baby.

Aiman Ashriq, be with me forever please? Insyaallah :')
I really hope that he's the one for me. Aminnnn :)

P/s : Now saya tengah ada examination :( Just wishing me a luck. :')

Okay bye :D hahaha!